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What CAN you do in 67 minutes?

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Mandela Day was a testament to the incredible mindset and generous spirit of South Africans.

Ladles of Love orchestrated the largest Mosaic portrait of Nelson Mandela made entirely of canned food. The number of cans used broke the World Record of the largest Food Can mosaic ever made. This meant that more than 50 000 cans of food, 20 000 sandwiches and tons of peeled vegetables will be dispatched to various beneficiaries from this effort.

Project Hope was there with Field worker Kevin Alexander and SFB administrator, Kim Bagarette. Not only did they participate is creating the mosaic, they stayed on to assist Ladles of Love with much carting around!

From VERY big to VERY small babies blessed!

Knitting for littlest of Mandela Day recipients, the industrious ladies of Ahava and Squares of Love from the SFB area assisted by a few in Durbanville and JHB sent 36 blankets, dozens of tiny jerseys and beanies and a host of gorgeous Teddies to Bless a Baby for Mandela Day!

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