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Tidal Pool Repairs

It's still chilly, but you'll be very happy to see what Cllr Jowell just shared with us.

The City will be doing some repairs to the tidal pools in time for summer. Take a look!!

Minor repairs to the Atlantic tidal pools have been scoped by the Coastal Management Branch as part of their OPEX works along the City coastline. This includes minor concrete works, crack repairs, improvement of surfaces for sitting/lounging alongside the pools and access to the pool via stepping stones, stone pitching walls and concrete walls. The intention would be for the pools to be in operation during the works, with only minor disruption to access (i.e. for a few days or a week). The larger pools (Camps Bay and Maiden’s Cove) would not need to be fully emptied for the majority of the works, Saunders and Milton may need to be partially emptied should cracks stretch below the low tide line, but this can only be determined on site and should not take the pools out of operation for more than a week. It should be noted that whereas the money spent should improve the user experience at these tidal pools the OPEX budget is very limited and the works are modest in extent. Capital upgrades at some of the tidal pools will be evaluated in the near term.

We would like to implement the works between September and end of November this year, with any additional/delayed works to continue after the peak season in February if not complete in time.

For any queries or feedback contact or

Cllr. Nicola Jowell Councillor: Ward 54 Office: 021 4001466 Cell: 072 653 5763

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