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Is your Organic Waste attracting the wrong sort?

Rats, flies and those revolting maggots love your bin, especially when it's full of all your old fruit and veg cuttings. Make better use of it by sending it to become compost, help the environment AND have a cleaner bin!

Ladles of Love has made composting really easy for us in the SFB area. Every Wednesday, from 8am - 12.30pm they set up their Organic waste collection point at the Sunset Beach parking area, just opposite the fisheries.

This is how Organic Composting works:

#1 - Buy a bin

For R200 you'll be provided with a large bin, a small bin, a bag of Bokashi and another bag of wood shavings.

#2 - Collecting kitchen waste

Line the small bucket with roller towel or brown paper.

After making salad or cleaning out the old bread from the bread bin throw it into the small bucket which you keep in your kitchen.

#3 - Transfer it into the large bin

Store your large bin outside. On the patio, backyard or garage.

Every day or two empty the contents of the small bin into the large one.

Sprinkle about a teaspoon of Bokashi on top and then a layer of wood shavings.

The Bokashi helps to start the breaking down process and the wood shavings help to cover any smells. Close it well.

#4 - Swop for clean bucket

You don't have to do any of the composting yourself (unless you want to)

Every Wednesday, load your bucket into your car, the lid seals very well and won't leak.

Take it to the Ladles of Love stand and for R25 they will take your full bucket and give you a fresh clean one. You can also purchase more wood shavings and Bokashi if you have run out.

#5 - Fresh Veggies

Buy the fresh veggies that are grown at the farm where they use the compost in the Feed The Soil programme. Closing the cycle!

I cannot imagine ever throwing my kitchen waste into the bin again. It didn't take long to get into the rhythm and I look forward to knowing that each week my full bucket is going to such good use! Can you imagine if every household in the SFB area was doing this?" Nicola Harris, SFB member

Recycling was not mainstream either, just not long ago and now look at us! Organic Waste management should become a normal part of our lives too!

Besides the bonus of cleaner (much less smelly) bins the truth is that we don't see the impact our rubbish has on the landfills and hence, the environment. This stuff does not biodgrade properly, it's releasing methane into the atmosphere when its compressed into layers. It's revolting! There is NO MORE SPACE! The government is starting to put effort into catching organic waste at the source for this reason. The source is our kitchens.

Visit Ladles of Love every Wednesday, from 8am - 12.30pm at their Organic waste collection point at the Sunset Beach parking area, just opposite the fisheries. They are passionate about this and will explain everything or visit

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